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Thread: difference between basic satmp and sx\b
BY : _BPM_

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One good thing I found when migrating to the sx from the basic stamp, was the discovery of interrupts.

And as all programmers know, interrupt management is a concept that MUST be grasped to proceed farther down the pipe.

Interrupts allow the programmer to interact with the real world VERY FAST, AT RANDOM.  
They let the programmer create code that will run a "shell" (user interface, display, etc) and still respond to stimuli that comes at RANDOM.    
The BS2 is mainly a single process device.

When I had a bs2 I was doing some pretty deep things with it, and kept finding myself running into blocks that required interrupts, more ram, faster speeds, etc...

The SXB language allowed me to keep my basic programming structure and keep on going with new features and possibilites.

It really is like a SUPER BS2+++ or something.

If you have built a BOE-BOT or similar Parallax project, and even modified it a bit..  
You are ready for the SX.

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