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Thread: difference between basic satmp and sx\b
BY : JonnyMac

In SX Microcontrollers, SX/B Compiler and SX-Key Tool, JonnyMac wrote:

My columns for the last year and-a-half have been devoted to the SX and SX/B -- it needed the attention that the BASIC Stamp has been getting for 14+ years.  SX/B is easy to learn, but really does require one to understand the SX a little bit to get the most out of it.  Many of my programs today are a mix of SX/B (BASIC) and assembly, as there have been lots of good assembly modules available for the SX since it was introduced.  This is one of the beauties of SX/B: you can mix high- and low-level code in the same program, and do advanced things like creating "virtual peripherals" to handle background operations while the foreground is doing something.  I spend a lot of time using VP UARTS and servo drivers as animatronics is a big part of what I'm involved with at EFX-TEK.

BTW, I'm not the only one writing about SX/B.  Robert Doerr, a forum regular, has written some really great articles for Servo having to do with a robotics project in which he uses SX chips.  I've found bits of his code very useful in my own projects.

In the end, and while not perfect, the SX/B help file is your best source of information for SX/B.  It goes into good detail on all the instructions and has several example programs that will get you up to speed.  To be candid, you'll probably never be spoon-fed SX/B like Parallax did with PBASIC, but you can learn it with a little bit of effort -- and you'll have a really good time, I promise.  If it wasn't for SX/B, I probably wouldn't be using the SX as much as I do.

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