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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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On Sat, 26 Jul 2008, Vitaliy wrote:
> Lighter cars powered by efficient diesel engines require no changes to
> existing infrastructure, nor significant technological breakthroughs. As
> batteries become cheaper and better at storing energy, there will be more
> hybrid and pure-electric cars.
> Note that this plan requires no government spending or any action by the
> government, with the exception of removing the obstacles in the form of
> harmful regulations it itself has created.

So.. if we remove the laws putting a lower limit on car millage, the car
companies will magically start making more efficent cars?

Maybe you mean if the government removes it's safety laws so the car
companies can make them out of tin foil so they will be lighter and more
efficent?  Who cares if it kills people.

Or maybe get rid of OSHA.  It would be much cheaper to build a car if you
don't have to buy expensive things like hard-hats.  They would then of
couse spend the profits on making cars get better MPG, not making their
stockholders richer.

Just what laws are stopping car makers from building more efficent,
cleaner engines?

(The world has three evils.  The public.  The government.  The private
sector.  The world works best when they are all balanced.  Sadly we are
currently living in one where the corporate world has the most power,
followed by teh government, and last by us, the people.)

Ian Smith
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