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Thread: Linux Ubuntu slowness
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I have been trying to downgrade (upgrade ???) my laptop hp pavillion
9615tx from vista to XP ever since I bought it, with no help from HP
whatso ever, so finally gave Hardy Heron a go.  What a difference.
Everything worked !!! and it is so responsive.  I now OWN my laptop
for the first time, it does what i ask it to do.  Video play back is
supreme ...

but I have to say on rare occasions it kinda stalls, but i am willing
to put up with this minor hicup. I am extremely impressed nonetheless.
It is network related tasks, if I browse the network for example,
sometimes it justs sits there, other times it is lightning fast.

XP drivers seemed non-existant but ubuntu had no problems.  WOW, what
a difference.  I had tried previous versions/distros and had problems
connecting to the network etc and that made it difficult to fix
anything else.

Someone has been very busy down at ubuntu HQ, and I am very thankful.


, t
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