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Thread: MyPIC32 competition - anyone here make the first cut?
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I haven't seen any discussion of Microchip's PIC32 contest on here:


The progression of the competition is interesting - it's broken up
into several 3 month long phases of design, and at the conclusion of
each design phase only 1/4 of the contestants move on to the next
phase.  They started off selecting 128 of the paper abstract designs
to move to the hardware design phase (which started yesterday), 32
will move on to software design, 8 will move onto the final prototype
phase, and one will win the competition at next year's spring ESC.
Those who move on to each phase also receive quite a bit of helpful
tools and prototyping materials.  You only have to be in the top 25%
of the competition each phase to move forward.  ;-D

Those who register on the site and vote on the designs as they
progress will affect the outcome of each later phase to a greater

At the last minute (well, a few hours before the deadline) I decided
to submit an idea I'd been mulling over for some time, and apparantly
I made the cut:


Here are the 128 designs moving into the next phase (news marked 7/25/08):

I was wondering if anyone else here submitted a design, and if anyone
made it into the hardware design phase.  I'm slowly going through the
entries, but I haven't recognized anyone yet...

Of course, all this means is more work on my plate, but it should be
fun and engaging.


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