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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 04:04:08PM +1200, Apptech wrote:
> OK. I'll ask again again then:
> For portable (eg vehicle powering)
> 1. What energy transport medium / technology would you
> suggest to eventually replace petroleum.
> 2. What are its advantages over / how does it solve the
> problems inherent in, using Hydrogen as an energy transport
> medium?
> Issues would include, but not be limited to,  end to end
> efficiency, ease of energy transfer into and out of the
> medium, energy density (volumetric and mass), safety, cost
> (vehicular and infrastructure, both implementation and
> operating), infrastructure roll out and impact, transition,

For powering vehicles, two infrastructures are currently in place: the
electric grid and hydrocarbon transport. It is through these channels that
we'll be powering our vehicles. I can't imagine building a hydrogen
infrastructure just to burn hydrogen in an internal combustion engine.

What I think will happen is that vehicle power sources will become more
heterogeneous, moving away from primarily gasoline/diesel to including more
hybrids and electric battery models. Anyway, this is the progression that I
think will happen. Sorry that I didn't answer each point you asked about.

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