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Thread: SNEAK PEAK at 64x32 LED Display Board project.
BY : tdg8934

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I was thinking of a better interface than hyperterminal such as VB but I haven't programmed in VB6 in many years and don't know if I could do serial comms as easily again (as I only did this on one project many years back). Currently is is using the same protocol as JonnyMac's DEBUG.SXB (38400 baud - N38400 - flow control none, 8-N-1). I've renamed his hyperterminal Debug program as it conflicted with another program he wrote called DEBUG.

I also went to Lowes this weekend and found a small clear rubbermaid utlity box. It was the perfect size for a single display. I used my Dremmel and cut out the top to mount the display and turn it to face forward. The SX48 protoboard was mounted near by and ran a power jack out, reset slide switch (I ran out of push buttons) out and a "program / no program" slide switch out. I can still connect the serial cable to a header on the SX48 and use as necessary. The only significant issue was that you could see the mounting screws and brackets on the top front display view. I went to Office Depot and bought some foam board (1/8" or so standard). My wife paints as a hobby so she painted the white foam board black after I cut out a frame style from it. I slide the black painted foam board frame over the display and it looks very nice indeed. It's amazing at what you can find to change the look of something. The sides and back of the utlity case is still clear so it has a nice see though electronics look. If the display is facing you, the latch is on top for easy access to open and close it and it also covers up the slide switches and power out connector well too.

I used a D-Link 5vdc (5.14vdc actual) at 2A switching wall transformer and it works well (as compared to the larger metal 5vdc 20A p/s used for testing). It probably draws somewhere between 1-2 amps. I would have thought I lot more but thats according to the datasheet.  
We have a vendor that came into work today that I am doing a presentation for. Perfect timing to use the display today. WELCOME ABCDEFG SOFTWARE SYSTEMS - with colors of Red, Green and Orange. Very nice!

I will try to take some pictures later today or tomorrow.

Still not done yet - but making great strides forward!

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