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Thread: Honda Accord question
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Along with the other items people have mentioned, how is the primary side of
the coil switched?

If 'conventional' points, have these burnt at all - typically if something
is wrong metal will migrate from one contact to the other. If this is
occurring check the capacitor across the points. Check that there is a tiny
amount of lubrication on the lobes of the cam, or that the material on the
moving contact of the points is a type that won't wear away on a dry cam.
There is typically a nylon piece that rubs on the multilobe cam to push the
contact, and if this wears the timing and dwell angle get affected.

If it is a transistor switch, it may have conventional style points or an
inductive drive to trigger it. There will still be some form of commutating
capacitor for the coil, connected across the transistor, or whatever other
semiconductor is used.

In both cases check the gap in the points is correct. having an incorrect
gap will put the dwell angle out, and this affects the both the timing and
spark quality. If an inductive pickup, check the timing hasn't moved. In
both cases an adjustment screw could come loose and allow the timing to move
from optimum.

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