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I'll pass this on as it came to me :-).
Seems enough technology in there ...



I have probably "raved on" about this before but here is a
simply stunning
repository of out-of-copyright and non-copyright material
covering a wide
range of subjects all freely available for download:


>From the amazing (and ultimately very silly) Pipe Dream
music video from
1991 here:


to a book of illustrations of dancing dating from 3300 BC, a
facsimile of
the orignal book which became Alice in Wonderland (from
Project Gutenberg),
to a book published in 1904 on the subject of building your
own steam
turbine  - and much else besides.

Need an animated GIF of a wind turbine  - there's one here:


Interested in a set of videos showing the construction of a
large wind
turbine  - they have movies for a wind farm built at Hull in

Be warned   - You could lose a lot of time (and use up a lot
of your
Internet traffic allowance) on this website.


Ken Mardle

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