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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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Chris Smolinski wrote:
> What's a good *bright* fluorescent (or CFL if it exists) solution for
> lighting an office room? Say around 12 by 15 ft. I have one overhead
> fluorescent lamp now, I forget the type, it uses the U shaped bulbs.
> 40 watts or so? It isn't terribly bright. So I end up using a 300W
> halogen torchiere lamp also.  I'm doing detail work (soldering etc)
> so I need good light.
We use a shop light with either 40W or 25W tubes about 3ft above the
work bench.  (Usually the 40W's since the light seems to be better clarity).

It very specifically gets plugged into the same power strip as all of
the things which must be turned off at night for safety - and has no
separate switch of it's own.   So, if the bench is on, it's on.  Works


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