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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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>> BUT imagine that eg fast breeder reactors were used to
>> liberate Hydrogen from water, probably using whatever
>> method
>> proved most energy effective, and this was used to power
>> motor vehicles, thereby replacing hydrocarbon use.

>> Would or might that "make sense"?

> No, I don't think that it would make sense even then.
> Hydrogen has its uses,
> but replacing petroleum isn't one of them. The low
> volumetric energy density
> is just one issue; I personally like my car to have a back
> seat area.

OK. I'll ask again again then:

For portable (eg vehicle powering)

1. What energy transport medium / technology would you
suggest to eventually replace petroleum.

2. What are its advantages over / how does it solve the
problems inherent in, using Hydrogen as an energy transport

Issues would include, but not be limited to,  end to end
efficiency, ease of energy transfer into and out of the
medium, energy density (volumetric and mass), safety, cost
(vehicular and infrastructure, both implementation and
operating), infrastructure roll out and impact, transition,
... .

The Mr Fusion unit that I saw a brief demo clip of a few
years ago, running in that instance on, AFAIR, banana skins,
seemed like it might meet most of the needs well. Anything
else seems lacking, so far.


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