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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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I think the T-8 comes U-shaped, if so, that should be an easy change,
just change the ballast and lamp. On the other hand, if the fixture is
not say part of the ceiling or some other architectural detail, likely
new fixtures with 2 or 4 48" straight tubes will be better long term.
Probably for a room that size, (2) 2 tube fixtures will suffice, but if
shadows in the corners are an issue, might just want 1 row of 2 fixtures
centered on the short side, parallel to the short side and
4' or so from the short sides. Then use task lighting where you need
bright light.

Chris Smolinski wrote:
> What's a good *bright* fluorescent (or CFL if it exists) solution for
> lighting an office room? Say around 12 by 15 ft. I have one overhead
> fluorescent lamp now, I forget the type, it uses the U shaped bulbs.
> 40 watts or so? It isn't terribly bright. So I end up using a 300W
> halogen torchiere lamp also.  I'm doing detail work (soldering etc)
> so I need good light.
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