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Thread: Remote netowrk sensors
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On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 4:36 PM, Justin Richards
> Discovered that the PICs that have an inbuilt Ethernet encoder seem to
> all be those new fangdangled surface mount devices that excluded the
> use of a cheap of the shelf prototype board.

for my purposes in using SMD PIC's, I have used the OnePass boards from
http://www.onepasinc.com/ he has a range of boards that suit my hobby
purposes and make using SMD a breeze. IMHO they are also quite within
the price range suited to the hobbyist, that includes shipping them to me
in Australia. A couple of the boards are perfectly suited for using in
conjunction with the Pickit2 device, as they have a six pin header position.
In particular look for OP290B in Superboards.

Andrew Burchill*
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