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Thread: Starting with C
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> Most of the books seem to assume the reader has no prior programming  
> knowledge. (That's me.)  With exception of the Embedded C book, they  
> teach the basics of the C language, and the programming examples  
> obviously output to the screen to see the results. The Embedded book  
> utilizes a PicKit2 and the low pin count board for the projects.
> I think I might answer my own question by saying C and Embedded C are  
> inseparable, and understanding C is necessary to properly understand  
> Embedded C?
Yes and no, some of the hardest parts of C such as working with strings
(since the language has no languace level support for them) and to a
lesser extent pointers in general aren't used that much in small
embedded applications.

I would say as a complete newbie you need to start by learning the basic
language structure, types operators etc. IMO a PC is a much better
environment to be doing that on than some quirky embedded system where
getting your results out is somewhat arkward. Once you grasp the basics
of the language (I would skip the chapters on pointers and strings for
now, you can always come back to them later) then you can move on to
applying it in the embedded environment.

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