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Thread: Low Noise, High Gain Amplifier
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Hi Fred,

What kind of magnetometer are you considering? I'm not aware of any of
them which indicate field strength by changing the output frequency of
a sinusoid. Did I understand you correctly?


On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 10:32 PM, fred jones <boattow.....spam.....hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the responses, I was out all day and just got back in town.  Strange thing is I see I had at least 3 responses however this is the only one I actually received.  Luckily it has several responses still attached.  I wonder how many responses I didn't receive that also didn't make it here. I'm hoping to build a magnetometer.  This would be used primarily in the woods or wilderness.  Roughly one hertz to the next equals something like 25nT field strength (I have a formula that can be fairly easily implemented in the PIC code to calcualte this).  Therefore it is imperative that it be extremely stable and noise free.  A slight amount of jitter would give innacurate data.  I know this is possible because there are commercial units out there that yield .1nT accuracy, I'm just not experienced in this area.  I will try the suggestions here and see how successful I am.  I appreciate all the help you all have offered!Best wishes,FJ> From: RemoveMEpetertwitchspamhotmail.com> To: piclist
>  mit.edu> CC: spamBeGoneboattowKILLspamspamKILLspamhotmail.com> Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 16:49:59 +0000> Subject: [EE] Low Noise, High Gain Amplifier> > What about a single hi-gain op-amp feeding a band-pass filter with a high Q inductance... Feed the output to a 555 timer arranged as a monostable, period set to half the period of the slowest frequency. That'll give you your sqw output thats pretty much frequency & phase-locked, & fairly noise-immune...> P> > {Original Message removed}
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