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Thread: Honda Accord question
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Hi all,

I thought that OT was the safest area for this if it is appropriate at all.

I have a 2001 Honda Accord DX, 4 cyl engine. A few months ago, it
began to have a rough idle at times. It would sometimes stall when I
came to a stop. I discovered that there were visible arcs around the
outside of the distributor cap. When I took the cap off, I found that
the rotor and the four contacts showed some corrosion and burning. I
replaced the cap, rotor, and gasket around the cap. I chalked this up
to simple normal maintenance (the car had about 96000 miles on it and
had never had these parts replaced). Around the same time, I replaced
the spark plugs and spark plug wires, too. The plugs looked fine with
perhaps a tiny amount of evidence of too high a temperature.

All was fine for about 2 months (3000 miles). Then the problem began
to happen again. This time I couldn't see any arcing outside the
distributor cap, but when I looked at the contacts inside, both they
and the rotor were again burnt. Cleaning them with a Scotchbrite pad
temporarily fixed the problem (for about 3 weeks), but it has started
to come back again.

I am somewhat at a loss to explain why this is happening. I checked
the battery voltage: is it 12.9V when the car is off and 14.3V when
on. These seem fine to me (I had a hunch that perhaps the charge
voltage was way too high and was overdriving the ignition module).

I have found very few FAQs and forum posts about this issue, and none
for my model year. The usual advice is that it could be any of the
following: oil leak into distributor, water leak into distributor,
distributor bearings damaged causing wobble of the rotor, charge
voltage too high, faulty ignition module, damaged plugs or wires. Some
of these I've checked into and found nothing, some I have yet to
really check.

Any ideas?


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