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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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Forrest W Christian wrote:
>> My guess is it's the enclosed "upside down" they don't like. CFLs can
>> run hot, they are not designed to run upside down and enclosing them is
>> even worse.
> Not designed for "upside down"?  Really?

I had the same reaction, and I think Herbert is thinking of the problems
caused by operating the CFLs horizontally, not when they're used in the
usual ("upside down") manner.

My CFLs didn't last long in the ceiling fan fixture, but I'm fairly certain
that was because it has a dimmer switch.

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IIRC, it was Herbert who suggested using Philips bulbs in a similar thread a
while back, and I must say the difference is indeed very drastic (just as he
describes). Paradoxically, Philips bulbs weren't that much more expensive
(certainly not x2) than the other CFLs available at the store.


PS You probably meant to say "..a business decision to sell LESS at a larger
margin" in your last sentence. Higher price = lower demand.

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