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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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Herbert Graf wrote:
> My guess is it's the enclosed "upside down" they don't like. CFLs can
> run hot, they are not designed to run upside down and enclosing them is
> even worse.

Not designed for "upside down"?  Really?   I would say that over 75% of
the CFL's  have in place, and know of in place, are Upside down - that
is the base is on the ceiling and the bulb is hanging down - opposite of
what you'd have in say a table lamp (the type of with a lampshade).
That is an interesting tidbit.

This particular bulb isn't enclosed right now either (when the second
one failed, I left the globe off to help try to diagnose the problem

> This one doesn't make sense. I have multiple bulbs outdoors, and in the
> winter they work fine. When it's really cold (< -20C) they may take a
> minute or two to reach full brightness, but aside from that they always
> work.

Maybe I should have clarified sub-zero.   For me, sub-zero means
sub-zero F...  That is, below -20*C.    During December and Jan, the
average low is around -10*C, with many days lower than that.   The
average high during those same months is not above freezing.  So these
bulbs get *cold*.

Down to a certain temperature they typically start slower, but never
reach their full light potential.   Colder than that they often don't
start.   The one that's in there right now could be a -20*C detector if
coupled with a suitable light sensor.

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That's the information I was looking for.   I've bought "expensive"
bulbs in the past, but as you probably know "expensive" does not
necessarily equal quaility... sometimes it means a business decision to
sell more at a larger margin.

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