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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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The lighting in my house is almost 100% CFL's.  However, I've got a
couple of locations that seem to resist the use of a CFL.   I was
wondering if anyone had any input into how to find a CFL useful for
those spots.

The first spot is a light fixture which is attached to a ceiling fan.  
For whatever reason, this spot seems to eat CFL's.   That is, the CFL's
don't seem to last even as long as a Incandescent in this location.  
Other than the fan, the only unique thing about this location is that it
is attached to a X10 fluorescent-rated appliance-style wall switch,
which I've used similar ones of before and never had a problem, so I can
only assume there is something either about the vibration or about the
fan motor sharing a neutral with the CFL.  I've tried a couple of
different types in here with the same effect.  I've seen "fan CFL's" -
but these seem to be only a CFL in a prettier enclosure (globe covering
the CFL tube), and quite a bit more expensive.   Plus, they only seem to
be available locally in low wattage - I need a 75 or 100W equivalent at
this location.

The other location is in an area which gets cold in the winter.  
Evidentally CFL's don't like sub-zero temps.  The current one won't even
start in sub-zero temps - and will actually shut itself off if it gets
too cold.   I've had others in there, but none that I would call even
close to a cold-weather success.    It also seems that operating
temperatures aren't listed on these things.  

Both of these are in locations where it is a pain to change the bulb, so
I really want to run a CFL - for longevity as much as energy savings.  
But I haven't found anything that actually seems to work yet.

I would have thought that some higher-quality CFL's would have sprung up
for situations like these but the manufacturers all seem to be focusing
on trying to get and keep the costs around $1/bulb.



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