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Thread: The physics of stuff getting hit
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> > Last I heard aircraft certification required windshields be
> tested to
> > not break with a four pound bird strike at cruise speed.
> >
> > That may not be true because the rest of the story claimed that a
> > company suddenly could not pass the test. It turned out that the
> > Quality Control folks reduced their expenses by switching
> to frozen chickens for the test.
> > Returning to fresh chickens resolved the problem.
> Mythbusters did an episode on that.  They screwed up the test
> in the end, but frozen birds indeed do far more damage at
> least at any speed a plane would be going.  If it gets fast
> enough, say the speed of a meteor intersecting our orbit it
> suddenly stops mattering what it's made of.  
> Dust, pebbles or a solid chunk all will give you an equally
> bad day. :-)

They did that one twice.  After the first test they were eventually informed
that the windscreens they were using weren't rated for bird strikes.


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