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Thread: The physics of stuff getting hit
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> I don't know how you'd calculate the impact surface area seeing as how
> the golf ball is a sphere... hmm... but anyway, is there any sort of
> unit that gives you an idea of how hard a smack something got? It's be
> cool to be able to say "the helicopter crashed into the building with
> 1700 neckles".

I don't think it is specified that way. It is more common to specify the
test method, e.g. when making large CRTs for TV sets, Philips had a
specification that they had to survive a 1 inch steel ball bearing dropped
from 10 feet onto the centre of the tube face, after the air was evacuated
from the tube. Now I don't know what this works out to be in terms of impact
force, except that it will be reasonably high. The test was done in an
enclosed chamber to contain any flying glass from ones that failed, and the
production was 100% tested.

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