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Thread: Automatic Directory Compare Software?
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On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 12:15 AM, Artem Zezyulinskiy
<artemzezRemoveMEspamsedatelec.com> wrote:
> I use xcopy (on windows machine):
> xcopy "C:\start_directory\*.*" "N:\destination_dir" /E /I /Y /D
> /E - copy of dir and sub-dir
> /I - create new dir if need
> /Y - yes to replacements of existing files
> /D - copy only modified files
> you can use others options of xcopy, to see the list do : c:\xcopy /?

Hi Artem,

Thanks for the advice. I wonder if the /d flag would work for new
_and_ modified files or if it's just for existing files that are
modified. Anyway it isn't a big deal as I'm using Sync Toy now.


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