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Thread: multi dc motor control
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> threewheeler7 wrote:
> come up with a good scheme for ramping up and down the speed of
> the motors in software

My 6-bit PWM project may be of help


In a cycle of 64 TMR0 interrupts -

Each IRQ, check duty cycle stores to see if output(s) will be on

IRQ1 - check whatever sets duty cycle #1
IRQ2 - check whatever sets duty cycle #2
IRQ3 - check whatever sets duty cycle #3
IRQ4 - check whatever sets duty cycle #4

IRQ5-63 - free to do other tasks

The output frequency range is 100Hz - 279Hz, which would be
useable for motor drives. The project as presented has only one
PWM output. If you don't need the LCD that's another eleven
potential outputs available that could be serviced very easily in
the existing ISR

<02ab01c8ed40$5f91a710$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=motor
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