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Thread: Automatic Directory Compare Software?
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On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 17:02 -0700, Josh Koffman wrote:
> I think the best way to explain what I'm asking is to describe the situation.
> I have a drive that holds my main active music collection. It's about
> 80GB worth of music that means a fair bit to me. I keep it on an
> external drive and I have copies of the data on two other drives. I
> add to the main drive fairly frequently. What that currently means is
> that to ensure that my backups are current I go in to the backup
> drive, delete all 80GB of data, then copy it all again. It takes quite
> a while and isn't really efficient.
> What I'm looking for is like a drive cloning software but that will
> work on only a specific directory. It has to be manually triggered as
> my backup drives aren't usually connected to the live system. What I'd
> love is a small (preferably free) utility that will do a diff, find
> out the missing files, and sync the backup drive to the source drive.
> Any suggestions? I haven't found anything that takes care of this but
> perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places?

A quick and dirty way:

ls /directory1 |sort > dir1_list
ls /directory2 |sort > dir2_list
diff dir1_list dir2_list | grep ">" > result

then a little "vi" and you've built a copy script. To automate pipe
result into a simple perl script that adds the appropriate copy command
and does the copy.


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