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Thread: Remote network sensors
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> > Immediate quantity would be about a dozen for one infrastructure,
> > hard-wired, after that could be 300-400 using Wi-Fi
> The need for both would push ME strongly toward things like the
> lantronix X-port units, which have pin-compatible hardwired and
> wireless units.  (lantronix isn't the only one with such units,
> of course.)

Networking is not in my comfort zone and I don't have the competence
to evaluate all the suggestions put forward. My potential client is very
experienced with all forms of networking and internet access so I'll let
him take a look. His immediate preference is TCP/IP in as simple and
low-cost a form as possible

Low-cost doesn't always mean cost-effective of course. I'm reluctant
to spend a lot of development time for just a dozen units, although my
time would probably be reasonably compensated for (it's for a govt
department, which may or may not mean anything $$$-wise). The big
deal is if the 300+ market could be opened up. I know that particular
end-user would find Wi-Fi units very helpful indeed

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=sensor
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