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Thread: RF impedance matching PCB layout / analysis?
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Hi Jesse,

Did I understand properly that you think the TRANSMIT power is too
low? How are you measuring it?

When you say that the manuf specs the differential output at 115+J180,
is this the output impedance of the transmitter which you need to
match to the antenna?

What kind of antenna are you using?

There are several levels of skills which could be involved here. One
is overall RF link calculations. Another is basic antenna theory and
deviations from it in typical practice with microwaves. Another is the
set of skills needed in working with RF ICs (i.e., what specs are
important, which ones are not so important, what numbers can be relied
upon vs. which ones must you allow a good tolerance for). Another, as
you pointed out, is impedance matching and transmission lines.
Depending upon what problem you are having, its cause could lie in any
one of these areas.


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