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22 July


The fastest rail service on the planet will begin next
Friday, linking Beijing with one of China's Olympic co-host
cities, nearby Tianjin.

The spacious interiors – more like aircraft cabins than
train carriages – will ferry passengers at speeds reaching
350 kilometres per hour, cutting the current journey time by
1 hour, to 30 minutes. In tests the trains have reached

"Its operational speed is the fastest in the world. It's
very comfortable and quiet," said Zhang Shuguang, head of
the Railway Ministry's Transport Bureau. "There's a French
train that has gone 500kph in tests, but only in tests."


The spokesman, and NewScientistTech, seem to be conveniently
unaware of the 430 kph Train that I used a few weeks ago -
from Shanghai city edge to Shanghai's Pudong airport. Been
running for some years.

Impressive ride. I have videos. 2nd most impressive
impression is the cars on the motorway zipping past
'backwards' at their snail pace 100 kph.

Most impressive impression is passing the other train going
in the other direction. < 1 second to pass.


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