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Apptech wrote:
> One doesn't have to know anything about ...
> A post like that can easily be ...
> ... and I can name ...
> />
> "Methinks the lady doth protest too much".

Methinks the lady doth an appropriate amount of protesting. BTW, you're
misquoting Shakespeare.


> Do you genuinely think that that argument of what MIGHT have
> happened is even marginally plausible? Really?

Russell, you seem to be getting very emotional about this. Please don't take
my words out of context (ellipses can be used to make your posts look
foolish, too). I said that "He's not familiar enough with PIC programming to
talk about relocatable and absolute coding" does not prove that
Mongol_Herdsman != Tomás_Ó_hÉilidhe. Thanks to the archives, I can pretend
to be you, and nobody would know the difference.

Of course, I don't know *for sure* that MH == Tomas. However, as I said
before, I have reasons to believe that he is, and I am yet to hear Tomas
deny the connection.

One thing I don't understand is why *you* get so upset about it. Shouldn't
Tomas, and not you, become indignant and demand my apology?


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