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Thread: Breaking of Mifare algorithm to be published
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Surprised a certain Moa inhabitant hasn't posted about this. :)

A court in Holland has thrown out a challenge by NXP (a Smartcard
maker) to stop  some Dutch Universities from publishing the hack
concerning how to copy cards contents and travel free using the UK's
London Oyster Card.

As Philips own the Mifare technology, they probably are none too
chuffed at this flaw in one of their chip lines.

This isn't new, those who get  Elektor Magazine and got the free
Mifare Cards, will know that they carried an article about the hacking
of Mifare cards by I think it was Delft University. They've also
published an article concerning the hacking of those nice new chips in
ones passport.  Maybe Wouter can confirm this.


cdb,  on 23/07/2008

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=breaking+mifare
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