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Thread: What to do about compiler bug and source code?
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On Tue, 22 Jul 2008, William Couture wrote:

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Strip out as much source code as possible such that the compiler still
produces the bug.

Start off with a copy of the project. Systematically delete the contents
of functions which are unrelated to the function where you are
experiencing the problem (leaving just the empty function). Keep doing
this until the compiler starts behaving, then undo until the compiler
starts misbehaving again. Make a note of which functions are vital to
the bug and then try again with functions you havent touched yet.

You will end up with some functions and globals which are not referenced
anywhere. try removing them completely, a few at a time until the compiler
starts behaving itself again, then undo the changes until the compiler
starts misbehaving again. you should be able to drastically reduce the
code necessary to reliably reproduce bug.

Sergio Masci
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