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Thread: What to do about compiler bug and source code?
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On Jul 22, 2008, at 10:45 AM, William Couture wrote:

> I'm going to contact IAR shortly, but since I can't reproduce it in  
> a sample fragment, I'm sure that IAR will want the entire source.  
> But, since it has our propritary code, work does not want the  
> source to be sent out.
> How would you handle this situation?

1) report the bug without source code.  Perhaps it is a known issue  
Perhaps there is already a fix available.

2) Meanwhile, begin editing your example to make it as small and self-
contained as possible.  manually include headers.  Delete irrelevant  
code.  Etc.  If you can't create a simple non-proprietary example,  
you should be able to at least create a pretty useless fragment  
starting from the proprietary function.

3) In the end, consider that a well-established high-end compiler  
company can probably be trusted with moderate amounts of proprietary  
code.  Make sure that they understand that that's what they're  
getting ("NOT for publication as an example of the bug!") and proceed  
anyway unless the code fragment (from 2) in question REALLY contains  
key confidential intellectual property...


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