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Thread: What to do about compiler bug and source code?
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OK, I've run into a situation at work, and would like some feedback from the

I've found a nasty bug in a C compiler (IAR for Atmel (ATMega),
version 4.21A and 5.11B)
(using the ATMega644 and cranking optimization up to max, 32-bit locals that are
put in registers are not properly handled (only sets lower 2 bytes out
of 4, or in one case
does not set registers at all!)).

I'm going to contact IAR shortly, but since I can't reproduce it in a
sample fragment, I'm
sure that IAR will want the entire source.  But, since it has our
propritary code, work
does not want the source to be sent out.

How would you handle this situation?


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