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Thread: Re: [EE] PIC based ASP.NET/SQL client.
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> > Maybe Tomas has finally gone off to test some LEDs.
> > That'll cheer Olin up.
> I know that was in jest and somewhat flippant BUT if you were
> Tomas, and didn't make the MH posts, and I don't think he
> did, then how would you feel by now? As Tomas is unable to
> hit back in 'open combat' without risking having his reply
> censored, current list behaviour is akin to kicking a man

Oh please.

If Tomas can cheerfully call people dickheads, I'm sure he can take a dig
like that.  Hell, I'm not bothered with being called a 'dirty pervert' and
told to fuck off.  (I don't recall Mr Herdsman being told 'stop that & play
nice', at least on list.)

I think half of the comments between Tomas & Olin were '...and what about
these LEDs then?' with Olin replying '...have you done any LED tests at all
yet?'.  The comment was to infer that Olin will be pleased once Tomas comes
back with some results.


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