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Thread: Nero can't see drive
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> I recently re-formatted this PC and found last night that the
> burner isn't seen by Nero. Prior to the re-format there were
> no problems at all
> Drive is LG GSA-4167B, with the accompanying LG DVD Writer
> Solution and Nero 5.5 CDs. I used these for the previous installation

I've had Nero do that occasionally, (with an LG drive, fwiw), and found a
reboot fixed it.  Once Nero got it in its head that a drive wasn't a burner,
it refused to change it.  There's also an option in Nero for selecting the
driver type (ATAPI etc) that may be set wrong.

Of course, you could have done what I did once, swapped drives and forgot
that it wasn't a burner, it could only read DVDs.

Nero (v8) suffers from bloat & annoyances these days.


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