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Thread: how resolve problem in SXKEY_USB (no found on port com)
BY : cristian

In SX Microcontrollers, SX/B Compiler and SX-Key Tool, cristian wrote:

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this program is an example only, and functions Run/Run and Run/Debugg no running.

device  sx28,osc4mhz                                                        
device  turbo,stackx_optionx
reset   punto_de_inicio
freq    4000000 ;4mhz org     8
cuenta  ds  2 org     0 punto_de_inicio  mov  !rb,#0
                clr  cuenta
                clr  cuenta+1
                clr  rb
repetir   inc  rb  
                cja  rb,cuenta,repetir
  jmp  repetir
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Subject (change) how resolve problem in SXKEY_USB (no found on port com)

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