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Thread: Nero can't see drive
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Jinx wrote:
> I recently re-formatted this PC and found last night that the burner
> isn't seen by Nero. Prior to the re-format there were no problems
> at all
> Drive is LG GSA-4167B, with the accompanying LG DVD Writer
> Solution and Nero 5.5 CDs. I used these for the previous installation
What service packs did you have on windows before and after the
reinstall. IIRC older versions of nero were broken by XP SP2.

I would first try upgrading to the latest sub-version of the 5.5 series
(upgrading sub-versions within a series is free, going from one series
to the next costs money). Failing that maybe try the noexecute=alwaysoff
(or something like that, google for the exact way to type it) in boot.ini.

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