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Thread: FREE PIC32 C compiler Now Available
face BY : Matt Luckman email (remove spam text)

HI-TECH Software is very pleased to announce the release of our new ANSI
C Compiler with Omniscient Code Generation, supporting Microchip’s PIC32
family of microcontrollers.

The HI-TECH C PRO for the PIC32 MCU Family can boost real-time
performance by 25% or more, and can provide nearly double code density.
HI-TECH C PRO for the PIC32 MCU Family is the only PIC32 compiler that
optimizes stack and register allocation across all code modules prior to
generating the object code.

This compiler can also operate in Lite mode. Lite mode supports ALL
PIC32 devices and has no restrictions on code size or memory usage.

Lite mode:

* Is a free download and can be freely used by students, hobbyists or
for commercial purposes,
* Supports all PIC32 devices; and
* Has no memory or time restrictions

Omniscient Code Generation (OCG) optimizations used in PRO mode will be
disabled in Lite mode. As a guide, code reduction in PRO mode is
typically better than 50%. A compiler running in Lite mode can restore
PRO mode performance by purchasing a license, or activating the free 45
day evaluation.

For more information, please visit HI-TECH Software's website:

kind regards,

Matt Luckman
Chief Technical Officer
HI-TECH Software Pty Ltd

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