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Thread: : Win a free BOGO light
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Convince SunNight Solar that there is a really good reason
for them to give you a free light and they'll send you one
of 500 special limited edition blue bodied serial numbered
SuperBOGOs / Sunlight2s.


Room Light and Task Light modes. 3 brightness levels in each
mode. Turn off in sunlight. Turn off on low battery. Wakeup
on previous setting if left on or if off-in-sun (allowing a
'pathlight' mode). Battery overcharge protection and
discharge turnoff/full-reset (2 stage). LEDs serial driven
at set brightness, constant current mode. Not a
microprocessor in sight. (Unofficially: 20+ hours on lowest
light levels on full charge). 3 AA cell NimH battery.
Polycrystalline PV panel.

The next entry down in the blog makes interesting reading -
re Mark's recent visit to the Congo.

Some nice photos here. All lights shown are the old model.


Picture of new light here


               Russell McMahon

seeking: set pixel linux
<01a801c8eba0$25914030$e701a8c0@y2k> 7bit

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