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Thread: :: AIDs in Africa - three Scenarios to 2025
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I think this post fits TECH well, as science and its fruits are major
tools in tackling the problem it presents. The historical, political and
ethical parts are indeed more OTish, but on the other hand I think EE
tech (e.g. cellular communications) will play a leading role in shaping
the next 20 years in africa, so TECH is reasonable place in the middle.

As for whether this belong in the list on the first place, I think
everything belongs on the list as long as there are people who want to
discuss it and it isn't explicitly offensive to anyone. Neither
bandwidth nor lack of interest are offences, not when a message takes
less than a millisecond to be sent and a thread can be killed with not
much more. People who find it difficult to handle the bandwidth would do
better to revise their toolset than to try and limit it at the source.

That this post yielded no on-topic replies is, of course, a different
matter. :-)


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Subject (change) :: AIDs in Africa - three Scenarios to 2025

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