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Thread: PIC based ASP.NET/SQL client.
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Mongol Herdsman wrote:
> So, a user will need to buy a number of the PIC based devices to
> aqiure data, then the hub and internet plan. That's it, all the data
> is going to remote data center, and the user sees the aquired data in
> his on-line docs on his monitor ( be it Google docs or MS Live Office
> docs) with all the available charts or whatever other software packs.
> It's time to learn how to consume web services using PICs, guys.

Not really.  Although the data is ultimately presented to the user via web
services, you still haven't given any reason why the PIC to server upload
stream needs to be web based.  A simple and private TCP protocol would be
easier to implement, at least on the PIC end where it matters.

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