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Thread: PIC based ASP.NET/SQL client.
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Tamas Rudnai wrote:
> I am sorry, now I completely lost the thread. So the webserver is on
> the PIC or is it a web server somewhere else and communicates with
> the PIC using a simple data line (aka a modem / serial interface)?
> What is the relation with the .NET or MS SQL?

The PIC is strapped to a camel where it measures fleas per square palm.  The
information is written to a camel dung disc* (Chiru dung has higher data
density because they eat smaller things and chew better, but Chirus are
getting hard to find nowadays), which is brought by high speed yak to the
nearest internyet** yurt.  The data is processed in far off Ulaanbataar by
the ministry of fleas, and after some weeks the data is sent back in plain
text that any yak jockey can read if it's translated for him.  The yak
jockey is then told that this whole thing was a big joke and is pelted with
yak dung, which lies around in the street if the flys haven't carried it off

Here we just send people on a snipe hunt or to fetch a #5 skyhook, but
amuzement is harder to come by in Outer Mongolia.

*  Digital Information Storage on Crap

** Unofficial name for left over Soviet era internet knockoff

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