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Thread: Power supply project
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> I wonder if it would be a good design to have a buck pre-regulator
> SMPS that was heavily filtered followed by a linear regulator dropping
> a few volts. The buck supply would have a slow feedback response
> because of the filtering but the floating linear reg could make up for it

Seems to me that, like the relays which switch secondaries, at certain
voltage points you could change the SMPS's feedback resistor ratio
to minimise the voltage drop across the following linear section (if you
have one)

How would you effect adjustable current-limiting in a simple SMPS ?

> switchers are blamed for being noisy, but often this noise is very high
> frequency

Sean, a modem I use specifies a very low noise tolerance so I looked
at SMPS ripple output. AFAICT it was pretty low, under mV at least,
and I didn't take any special precautions to remove it. A schematic
straight out of the datasheet actually. A filter (cap and small series
inductor) is a common 'dashed line' option in many d/s schematics

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/actodc.htm?key=power
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