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Thread: Connecting a TV aerial
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> I would expect a balun out of a rabbits ear aerial to be suitable

I picked up an external 300-75 balun and will try it out tomorrow.
Pretty much same price as an internal. Difference not worth getting
messed up with silicone for

Dennis Crawley sent me this picture


Thanks again Dennis

Lee, couldn't really get a better picture of the criss-crosses. The
aerial is made by The Multichannel Antenna Co Ltd. I remember
asking for a good aerial when it was installed, as the house was
in a valley and reception of most channels was very poor. Even
with that aerial only one channel was really any good. TV2. And
I don't watch TV2. The suburb, Remuera, where all the hoity-
toities live (lived) now has much better reception via a repeater

In the summertime of the mid-80s it was not unusual to pick up
Australian channels as ghosts

<009001c8e8bc$1edb66d0$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

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