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M. Adam Davis wrote:
> I just purchased a Canon HF100*, which is a 1080 HD camcorder
> that records directly to SDHC at up to 17Mbits/S (about 1 hour at
> highest resolution, best quality on an 8GB SDHC card).

Nice choice.  I just got one of those for my son as a birthday and high
school graduation present.  He's home right now learning how to use it and
the software.  I'm interested to see what he'll have to show me this evening
(and whether he did any mowing of the lawn like he was supposed to, but
that's another issue).  I spent probably half a day looking at available HD
camcorder choices and eventually decided on the Canon HF100 too.  The 16Gb
built into the HF10 for $200 more seemed silly when I got 16Gb removable for
the HF100 for $50.  There was a Panasonic that initially looked good, but
not after reading some reveiws.  It's good to see someone else came to the
same conclusion.  This is a rapidly moving field where a few months makes a
significant difference.

> They are dropping in cost, though a DV tape or miniDVD is still
> cheaper.  $25 for a cheap 8GB class 6 SDHC card vs $2 for a cheap
> miniDV tape (11GB), $5 for a dual layer mini-dvd (2.8GB).

Yeah but tape needs to be futzed around with, takes space and power, makes
noise, is less reliable than flash, and can't easily be read from a PC
except thru the camera.  Flash has a finite number of writes, but you'd wear
holes in a tape long before that number.  Considering the price of the
camcorder, I didn't mind $50 for a card to hold 2 hours of HD video at the
highest resolution and lowest compression.

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