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Thread: PIC based ASP.NET/SQL client.
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Mongol Herdsman wrote:
> For example, if you have a vineyard somewhat in NZ. Place a wireless
> PIC based device under every vine and let it upload the data to some
> MS web server/SQL server.

But since this is purely a machine to machine link, why does it need to be
something as cumbersome as a web interface?  Why not a simple binary
protocol layered on TCP that is optimized for ease of implementation in the
micro?  Once the data gets to a big machine, it can reformat and convert all
it wants.

Another issue is how are all these little devices going to access the
internet directly?  Is this vinyard going to have WiFi access points
distributed throughout?  Even if so, how are the micros with the WiFi
modules going to be powered?  Look up the power requirements of embedded
WiFi modules, some battery data sheets, and then so some serious thinking.

If the individual units need to be small and portable, meaning battery
powered, then you probably need custom local concentrators that pick up the
transmissions from the nodes directly using some private RF scheme, maybe
Zigbee, and then forward the aggregated information over the internet.

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