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Mongol Herdsman wrote:
> No, PIC is talking to ASP.NET web server, that is backed up with SQL
> Server database. PIC is essential element, but key point is powerful
> ASP.NET application on ASP.NET web server available cheaply for public
> through web interface. Such custom non-ASP.NET hardware and software
> costs hundreds of thousands.bucks.

Other than being a "essential element", I don't understand what the PIC is
supposed to be doing.  It sounds like your main point is to make some web
server available.  If so, what does a PIC have to do with it?  If what you
are trying to provide is a electrical interface via a PIC to a database
somewhere on the internet, then why does it have to talk something as
cumbersome and intended for humans display like HTML?  This isn't making any
sense to me.

You need to seperate the what you are trying to do from how you are
imagining you want to do it.  So far the what isn't making sense, so talking
about how is just confusing things.  Forget about implementation details
like HTML, ASP, SQL, and whatever.  Step back three paces and describe the
problem you are trying to address.

> The idea is to make the powerfull processing and UI available very
> cheap - at cost of a web-host.

UI to whom presented how for what purpose?  Why does it need a PIC?

> Heck, let me delve into it later. I am
> not ready for it right now.

OK, I was only responding to what you said.

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