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Thread: Connecting a TV aerial
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> Are you willing to try hooking the 300 ohm (either twinlead or
> balon) to various wingnut pairs and see what effect it has on
> performance ?

I guess, but I don't fancy running up and down a ladder all day
like a flipping budgie ;-)

In a pretty strong signal area so might not have too many problems

> Wow, I've never seen an antenna with this many criss-cross pairs
> and this many attachment points (i.e. wingnuts).  Higher resolution
> photo would be really nice (I'd like to inspect center section in
> more detail).

As happens on a regular basis, at this time of night, in these here
parts, it's very dark outside. I'll sort that out for you in the morning

Thanks for the insights

<05b301c8e7ff$e5a9db10$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

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