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Thread: Power supply project
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> Assuming we need someday 3.3V and 3A from this power supply,
> the thermal dissipation on Q4 and Q5 will be around 90-100W

That is a significant disadvantage of linear PSUs. For a drop like that
you'd expect to need fan cooling. I have a product that needs 4.1V @
3A for extended periods and for that I use an LM2576 switcher, which
of course hardly heats up at all. So you do use what's appropriate when

One of my musty-smelling old books is the GE SCR Manual and they
go into switched bridges in some depth

One reason for this project though is that I'd like to build and share
something that could be put together from spare parts that most
would have or could get cheaply, even if it does double as a heater

Rummaging around through many years' worth of hoarding has
turned up some useful finds. Parts that I'd completely forgotten were
there. LM338, 2N3055, MJ15003 and even MJ11016 power
Darlingtons, all unused. Even really old LM309 in steel TO3. I
think I inherited a lot from a friend who closed his repair shop many
years ago

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/actodc.htm?key=power
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