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Thread: Getting cash abroad
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On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 10:23 -0700, Funny NYPD wrote:
> What happens if Americans go to Canada?
> Is there a easy way to get Canadian $ cash with US $ in Canada?
> Is US $ popular/can be used in Canada? There are long boarder between
> US and Canada, curious how those frequent traveler handles this issue.
> For instance I hear there are six thousands people from Windsor Canada
> travels daily between the twin town: Detroit and Windsor. What
> currency will they use for daily life? Credit card/debit card or cash?

Many "tourist" type places near the border accept US$ at a certain
exchange rate. These days it's usually set to par.

Aside from that though Americans do need CDN$ for most other things.
That said, getting CND$ is pretty darn easy, pretty much any ATM is
compatible with most bank cards from the states, and of course VISA is
universal and heavily used in Canada.

FWIW I rarely ever deal in any cash (aside from a pop machine perhaps).
Debit/credit card usage in Canada is VERY high, almost any store you can
name will accept either, or usually both.


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