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Thread: Signal generators - Agilent 33220A or Tek AFG3021B?
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Sean Breheny wrote:
> Dave is correct. ADI makes several DDS ICs which can very easily do
> AM, FM, and PM simultaneously. They do AM using a mutiplying DAC which
> is referenced off the output of another DAC.

Not exactly difficult then...

> Some also can automatically do frequency sweeps (i.e., let's say you
> need to sweep frequency faster and smoother than you can do via the
> control interface - you can program it to sweep linearly from freq A
> to freq B over time interval T, and then trigger it and it will
> execute it). They can pretty much do any type of signal generation you
> want.

Sounds like exactly what I need, only without the multi-£1,000 price tag...

I've just put in an order for a couple of AD9852s, and I've got some other ADI
DDS chips in my box to play with in the meantime.

AM + PSK could be quite handy - test without the modulation to get the PLL
stuff working, then add some audio to the PSK carrier to test the sideband
filter. Finally, add the RF front end and make that work...

Sounds like a plan, and a nice project to boot. It gives me a good reason to
finally learn about L-C filter design too...


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Subject (change) Signal generators - Agilent 33220A or Tek AFG3021B?

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